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Whiteoak Software  has over twenty-four years experience in Information Technology, including over eleven years Healthcare, E-Commerce, EDI, TCI, and mapping for a number of clients including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, State Government Healthcare programs including Medicaid, Medicare and various Social Service and Long-Term Care programs for Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Mississippi, and Arkansas. Whiteoak Software has over eleven years providing   consulting services, in Design, Systems and Business Analysis, Gateway Architecture, GAP Analysis, Logical and Physical mapping. Whiteoak Software, has strong mapping experience with HIPAA ANSI X12 version 4010 and NCPDP formats, including 5.1 and 1.0 Batch and has designed, built logical maps and physical maps for the HIPAA 270/271 Request/Response transactions for Eligibility, The HIPAA 834 Enrollment Roster, The HIPAA 835 Payment Advice, the 837 Professional, Dental, and Institutional Healthcare Claims, and the 278 Request and Response. Whiteoak Software also provided Privacy and Security assessments for clients. Whiteoak Software has managed testing or a number of payers providing project plans, managing budgets and resources. Creating test scenarios, utilizing proven test methodologies. In addition he has mapped UB92 and NSF claims formats and for Owens & Minor, a wholesaler of Medical supplies, Order, Inquiry, and Inventory transactions, using ANSI X12. Whiteoak Software has also mapped EDI X12 for manufacturing firms dealing with Compaq, NCR, Genicom, and James River, Inc, the makers of Bounty and Northern paper products.

Whiteoak Software  began in the Manufacturing Industry supplying software services working with clients such as Coca-Cola and Delco Electronics before moving into Healthcare and providing mapping, team leadership, project leadership, project management, project coordination, and has led teams from as few as four to up to 200 people.

Whiteoak Software has subject matter, design, and mapping expertise in the areas of electronic commerce and healthcare concerning the areas of HIPAA Administrative Simplification legislation and its impact on healthcare including ASC X12 Transactions, unique identifiers, and standardized codes.

Whiteoak Software has a proven record in highly competitive environments, excellent organizational, matrix management, communication, facilitation, problem-solving and leadership skills. Whiteoak Software’s diverse background gives us the flexibility to move easily from project management to 

subject matter expert in design, construction of maps and scripts, and managing testing for HIPAA implementation efforts.



Synopsis of service expertise: Healthcare, Hospitals, Doctors, Pharmacists, clearinghouses, and state agencies, HIPAA TCI and Privacy and Security, X12 837, 820, 834, 275, 276, 277, 278, 148, NCPDP B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3, P1-P4, N1-N4, XML, EDI, NSF, UB92, HCFA, Neon, PaperFree, ECMap, ECGateway, MQ-Series, DOS, AS400, S36, RPG, Preminos, Java, JavaScript, Perl, CGI, HTML, Unix, Hummingbird, Citrix Winframe, XWindows, Frame Relay, MS FrontPage 98 MS FrontPage 2000, Internet, Visual J++, VbScript, TCP/IP, DNS, FTP, SQL, WINDOWS, DB2, CICS, IMS DB/DC, ORACLE, SQL Server, Gupta SQLBase, Sybase, Allbase, MYSQL, ACCESS, IDMS, PhotoShop, ThumbsPlus, Polyview, Truespace, Windows 95, Word Perfect, MS WORD, Microman, Expediter, Project Management Workstation, MicroFocus COBOL, COBOL, and COBOL II.








Whiteoak Software provided management  in the Global Healthcare Practice for Covansys a publicly held corporation headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. Whiteoak Software is a motivated, customer and results oriented Manager with diverse; Healthcare management, HIPAA Privacy, Security, and TCI implementation, managed care, strategic and business planning, project management, development, including gateway architecture, Gap Analysis, Logical and Physical mapping, and managing mainframe testing and implementation. Clients include major healthcare payers and providers, in the commercial and government sectors.

Providing Management HIPAA TCI Leadership as well as Privacy and Security for assessments and remediation for providers, payers, and clearinghouses. This includes research, interviews, Project planning, and final reporting. Also providing Data analysis and mapping services. Supporting all HIPAA x12 transactions sets and NCPDP transactions for pharmacy.

Whiteoak Software has participated in several HIPAA Assessment and Implementation projects. Our responsibilities included providing guidance to new TCI personnel to ensure they understood their roles and responsibilities while performing a HIPAA Assessment, conducting HIPAA Assessment as the TCI Project lead, create the HIPAA Assessment methodology and developing the HIPAA Remediation cost model. He has served as a mentor and teacher of HIPAA X12, and NCPDP subject matter, and has designed E-Commerce, MQ-Series and EDI Gateway architecture. He has mapped HIPAA X.12 logically and physically, as well as performed GAP Analysis for HIPAA.

We have planned test architectures, scenarios, and timelines, as well as used methodologies to analyze results.

Providing  TCI project leadership, EDI Coordination, Business and E-Commerce Analysis, and EDI X12 mapping for HIPAA, Whiteoak Software has performed for major healthcare insurers, EDI readiness assessments to ensure the company’s compliance with the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. We have worked with Business and Information Systems experts under aggressive timetables to understand the company’s systems. Developed and presented recommendations that provided a roadmap to ensure the company’s compliance with the new federal legislation.

For a large Home Health Services Provider which processes Medical and Pharmaceutical transactions from providers to payers and back using an Oracle Database modeled and conducted test scenarios using rational rose.

Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia, PA

Consulting providing Project Leadership and Mentoring working with HIPAA Privacy, security, TCI, on an NT Server, in a Multi-tiered client-server Enterprise System. Introduced methodology for using PaperFree with MQSI, including MQ-Series.

Databases used: Oracle, ACCESS Whiteoak Software mapped the HIPAA ANSI X12 version 4010 and NCPDP formats, including 5.1 and 1.0 Batch and has designed, built logical maps and physical maps for the HIPAA 270/271 Request/Response transactions for Eligibility, The HIPAA 834 Enrollment Roster, The HIPAA 835 Payment Advice, the 837 Professional, Dental, and Institutional Healthcare Claims, and the 278 Request and Response. Whiteoak Software has provided project leadership, mentoring, EDI Gateway Architecture, and mapping services for the Blues in Pennsylvania. He has Mapped HIPAA 837, 270,271, UB92s, and NSFs.

Whiteoak Software mentored and guided the client with the design of the EDI Gateway and the use of the Transaction mapping tools and scripting tools, as well, as End-to-End (E2E) EDI Architecture, and Business-to-Business (B2B) Business-to-Business E-Commerce design.

First Health

Edi Coordination/Project Leadership/Businuess Analysis/Systems Analysis

Whiteoak Software provided Project Leadershipp, HIPAA Coordinatiom, Business Analysis, Gateway Architecture, Systems Analysis, and mapping for the Fiscal Agent for Virginia’s State Medicaid, and Social services programs. Provided Proposal, requirements and analysis,

General System Design, Product Assessment, TCI Assessment, detailed systems design, development, mapping, testing, and implementation and providing E-Commerce solutions including EDI X12 and HIPAA TCI and Privacy and Security. Job included requirements definition, product analysis, systems analysis and design. Responsible for the EDI/EC Gateway using Neon’s PaperFree EC Gateway, MQ-Series, and ECMap. Also provided research and design analysis for NCPDP, NSF including HCFA and UB92. Whiteoak Software, has strong mapping experience with HIPAA ANSI X12 version 4010 and NCPDP formats, including 5.1 and 1.0 Batch and has designed, built logical maps and physical maps for the HIPAA 270/271 Request/Response transactions for Eligibility, The HIPAA 834 Enrollment Roster, The HIPAA 835 Payment Advice, the 837 Professional, Dental, and Institutional Healthcare Claims, and the 278 Request and Response.

Databases used: Oracle, DB2, ACCESS

Client: EDS

EDS/Genicom - Brought on a new trading Partner, Compaq, using EDI X12 142 transaction. We are using TCP/IP and Frame Relay to connect to the trading partner in a client/server environment. The platforms are Unix on an HP9000 RISC Computer, and Windows NT. We were using Preminos (Harbinger now) for mapping and Citrix/Winframe Client for remote Client Server access. Also using Hummingbird Exceed and XWindows. Using HP3000 resolved problem with Southwestern Bell trading partners and drew up design document and timeline for NCR trading partner. Currently working on design document for EDS trading partner.

Databases used: Oracle

EDS/Signet Bank

Leading the combined Year 2000 conversion and M & I Software release update for Consumer Deposits. This role was mainly analysis and project management. Tools used MS Project, MS Excel, CICS, IMS, DB2, COBOL2, & COBOL.


Worked with Micro-Focus COBOL in a client/server environment enhancing Human Resources Manager. This is a total Human resources/payroll solution available in all platforms, PC, mainframe, VAX, and AS400 on CDROM, tape, disc, or cart. Developing enhancements to the system and customization for PDS clients using Gupta SQLBASE, SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, Allbase and SQL Windows 4GL to Operate in the above multi-platform environment. The operating system used for the software I was enhancing, testing, and installing was AS400.


Migrated Dun & Bradstreet Human Resources software from Richmond to Tampa LPAR, using FTP. Conducted feasibility studies for Canadian Address Correction, 911 LACS, and Postal Reclassification Barcode requirements. Currently installing address correction and change of address for Canadian Customer address list.

Databases used: Oracle, DB2, ACCESS

Clients: First Health. Trigon Blue Cross Blue Shield,Owens & Minor, James River

Provided a variety of consulting services for a number of clients in the Richmond, VA area. Primary work was in Healthcare, Medicaid, and Commercial claims processing. We worked on Massachusetts Mental Health, Provided Project Leadership, Systems Analysis, and an Education Coordination and founded what later became The Broughton University, which we originated and started up. we worked with EDI X12 using Gentran to bring up a new transaction and new trading partners at James River.

Databases used: Oracle, DB2, IMS, ACCESS


Responsible for requirement definitions, project resources and time estimates, analysis, design using PERT charts, prioritization, and coding. Developed Rating Queue System using DB2, CICS, COBOLII, and APS. Product survey, RFP, and Project Leadership for the OfficeVision installation.




Project Coordination for the Medicaid Title XIX migration from Denver to Sacramento. 

EDS Kansas and Wyoming

Team Leadership for the Wyoming Medicaid Installation. Team consisted of from 10 to 30 people; some travel was involved, spending a month in Topeka, Kansas.

EDS Delco Electronics

Project involving designing an Inventory and Quality Tracking System. Spent two months in Kokomo, Indiana developing this DB2, CICS, and COBOLII system.


Design, construction, testing, and implemention service for  the Electronic Order Processing System using EDI ANSI X12 telecommunications standard. This was Owens & Minor’s original EDI System, which we are proud to say, is still running. Coordinating testing with trading partners and maintaining and documenting ANSI X12 standards. This involved linking microcomputers (PCs), Digital's MicroVAX and the IBM mainframe to complete this network. We gave them an in house mapper, and wrote the How To EDI Manual, as well as established communications servers and protocols. Wrote new Accounts Receivable programs for the mainframe, using IMS, CICS, & COBOL.


Completed Parts Inventory System for System 36, designing and coding all screens, all online & batch programs, OCL, installation and training.


Developed Inventory and file transfer programs using ORACLE on the Digital VAX 780. Wrote program Specifications and designed programs for the online Billing and Billing Adjustments, using FMS 2, and TDMS.


Responsibilities included development, maintenance, and support of manufacturing applications in MVS, CICS, and IMS environment.


Responsibilities included production support and maintenance of Manufacturing, Inventory, Accounting, and MSA payroll. Responsible for automating the Materials Management Department, single-handedly, using SDM. Tools used were IDMS, CICS, ROSCOE, COBOL, and RPG.