A Christmas Carol Dickens, Charles

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Twain, Mark

A Little Princess Burnett, Frances Hodgson

A New Crime Legislation Needed Twain, Mark

A Pair of Blue Eyes Hardy, Thomas

A Strange Scene at Mass Morris, Gouverneur

A Summary Survey De Quincey, Thomas

A Tramp Abroad Twain, Mark

A Visit to Colonel Spotswood Byrd, William

Abbey Grange Doyle, Arthur Conan

Abou Ben Adhem Hunt, Leigh

Abraham Lincoln Lowell, James Russell

Acharnians Aristophanes

Acrostic: "Are you deaf Father William?" Carroll, Lewis

Acrostic: Around my lonely hearth to-night Carroll, Lewis

Acrostic: Little maidens Carroll, Lewis

Acrostic: Love-lighted eyes that will not start Carroll, Lewis

Acrostic: Maiden though thy heart may quail Carroll, Lewis

Acrostic: Maidens! if you love the tale Carroll, Lewis

Addressed to Haydon Keats, John

Adventure on the Chickahominy Smith, John

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Twain, Mark

Aemilius Paulus Plutarch

Aeneid Virgil

Aesop's Fables Aesop

African Chief Bryant, William Cullen

After a Tempest Bryant, William Cullen

After Apple-Picking Frost, Robert

After dark vapours have oppress'd our plains Keats, John

After Three Days Carroll, Lewis

Agamemnon Aeschylus

Age of Chivalry Bulfinch, Thomas

Age of Fable Bulfinch, Thomas

Age of Reason Paine, Thomas

Aged Mother Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Aged Pastor Bryant, William Cullen

Ages Bryant, William Cullen

Agesilaus Plutarch

Agis Plutarch

Ajax Sophocles

Al Aaraaf Poe, Edgar Allan

Al Aaraaf: Footnotes Poe, Edgar Allan

Alcestis Euripides

Alcibiades Plutarch

Alcibiades and Coriolanus Compared Plutarch

Alexander Plutarch

Alexander's Bridge Cather, Willa

Alhambra Irving, Washington

Alice Doane's Appeal Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Alice in Wonderland Carroll, Lewis

All for Love Dryden, John

All's Well That Ends Well Shakespeare, William

Alone Poe, Edgar Allan

Ambitious Guest Hawthorne, Nathaniel

American Crisis Paine, Thomas

American Idea of Religious Freedom Schaff, Philip

Among the Trees Bryant, William Cullen

An Argument for Party Reform Lowell, James Russell

An Essay on Man Pope, Alexander

An International Episode James, Henry

Analects Confucius

And Did Those Feet Blake, William

Androcles and the Lion Aesop

Andromache Euripides

Anecdote of Doctor Franklin Jefferson, Thomas

Angel of the Odd Poe, Edgar Allan

Angler Irving, Washington

Anna Karenina Tolstoy, Leo

Annabel Lee Poe, Edgar Allan

Annals Tacitus, P Cornelius

Anne of Avonlea Montgomery, L. M.

Anne of Green Gables Montgomery, L. M.

Anne of Green Gables Montgomery, L. M.

Annexation of the Hawaiian Islands Historical Document

Another on the Same Milton, John

Ant and the Chrysalis Aesop

Ant and the Grasshopper Aesop

Antigone Sophocles

Antiquity of Freedom Bryant, William Cullen

Antony Plutarch

Antony and Cleopatra Shakespeare, William

Aphorisms Hippocrates

Apology Plato

Aratus Plutarch

Arcades Milton, John

Arctic Lover Bryant, William Cullen

Areopagitica Milton, John

Aristides Plutarch

Aristides and Marcus Cato Compared Plutarch

Arms and the Man Shaw, George Bernard

Around the World in Eighty Days Verne, Jules

Around to the Moon Verne, Jules

Arrest of Lieutenant Golightly Kipling, Rudyard

Art of Book-Making Irving, Washington

Artaxerxes Plutarch

Articles of Capitulation at Yorktown Historical Document

Articles of Confederation (US) Historical Document

Artist of the Beautiful Hawthorne, Nathaniel

As It Fell Upon a Day Carroll, Lewis

As You Like It Shakespeare, William

Ass and his Purchaser Aesop

Assignation Poe, Edgar Allan

At a Solemn Musick Milton, John

At a Vacation Exercise Milton, John

At the Earth's Core Burroughs, Edgar Rice

At the Foot of the Rainbow Porter, Gene Stratton

Atalanta in Camden-Town Carroll, Lewis

Athenaise Chopin, Kate

Athenian Constitution Aristotle

Auguries of Innocence Blake, William

Author's Account of Himself Irving, Washington

Autobiography Franklin, Benjamin

Autumn Woods Bryant, William Cullen

Awakening Chopin, Kate

Azelie Chopin, Kate

Bacchae Euripides

Bacchae: Footnotes Euripides

Balanced Government Adams, John

Ballad of Reading Gaol Wilde, Oscar

Ballads of Cheechako Service, Robert W.

Balloon Hoax Poe, Edgar Allan

Bank Fraud Kipling, Rudyard

Barbara Frietchie Whittier, John Greenleaf

Bartelby the Scrivener Melville, Herman

Battle-Field Bryant, William Cullen

Bay Psalm Book Anonymous

Beam Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Bearskin Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Beatrice Carroll, Lewis

Beauty of Form and Beauty of Mind Andersen, Hans Christian

Bee in the Tar-Barrel Bryant, William Cullen

Beetle Who Went on His Travels Andersen, Hans Christian

Beginning of the Armadilloes Kipling, Rudyard

Bel-Ami Maupassant, Guy de

Bell Andersen, Hans Christian

Bell-Deep Andersen, Hans Christian

Bells Poe, Edgar Allan

Ben Hur Wallace, Lew

Benito Cereno Melville, Herman

Beowulf (Germany) Anonymous Epic

Berenice Poe, Edgar Allan

Berenice: Footnotes Poe, Edgar Allan

Beryl Coronet Doyle, Arthur Conan

Beyond the Bayou Chopin, Kate

Beyond the Pale Kipling, Rudyard

Bhagavad Gita (Hindu) Religious Document

Bible (King James Version) (Christian) Religious Document

Billy Budd Melville, Herman

Birches Frost, Robert

Bird of Popular Song Andersen, Hans Christian

Birds Aristophanes

Birthmark Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Bisara of Pooree Kipling, Rudyard

Bittern and the Hoopoe Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Bitters Neat Kipling, Rudyard

Black Cat Poe, Edgar Allan

Black Peter Doyle, Arthur Conan

Black Riders and Other Lines Crane, Stephen

Blanched Soldier Doyle, Arthur Conan

Blessed Are They That Mourn Bryant, William Cullen

Bloody Tenent Yet More Bloody Williams, Roger

Blue Carbuncle Doyle, Arthur Conan

Blue Hotel Crane, Stephen

Blue Light Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Boar's Head Tavern Eastcheap Irving, Washington

Bon Bon Poe, Edgar Allan

Book of Kings (Epic of Kings) Firdawsi

Book of Mormon Religious Document

Book of Prognostics Hippocrates

Boots of Buffalo Leather Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Boscombe Valley Mystery Doyle, Arthur Conan

Boy's Will Frost, Robert

Bradford's and Winslow's Journal Bradford, William

Brahma Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Brave Tin Soldier Andersen, Hans Christian

Break Break Break Tennyson, Alfred Lord

Bremen Town Musicians Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Bridal Ballad Poe, Edgar Allan

Brides on Trial Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Bright star! would I were stedfast as thou art- Keats, John

Bright Sun Brings It to Light Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Broken and a Contrite Heart Bryant, William Cullen

Broken Heart Irving, Washington

Broken-Link Handicap Kipling, Rudyard

Bronckhorst Divorce-Case Kipling, Rudyard

Brother and Sister Carroll, Lewis

Brother and Sister Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Brother Frolick Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Brothers Karamazov Dostoevsky, Fyodor

Bruce-Partington Plans Doyle, Arthur Conan

Budda The Word Religious Document

Buddha His Life and Teachings Religious Document

Burden of Itys Wilde, Oscar

Burial of Love Bryant, William Cullen

Burial-Place Bryant, William Cullen

Business Man Poe, Edgar Allan

Butterfly that Stamped Kipling, Rudyard

By the Almshouse Window Andersen, Hans Christian

By Word of Mouth Kipling, Rudyard

Cabinet Qualifications Morris, Gouverneur

Caesar Plutarch

Caesar and Cleopatra Shaw, George Bernard

Cage Bird and the Bat Aesop

Caius Gracchus Plutarch

Caius Marius Plutarch

Caline Chopin, Kate

Call of the Wild London, Jack

Camillus Plutarch

Candide Voltaire

Canon's Yeoman's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Canon's Yeoman's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Captive Loosed Bryant, William Cullen

Cardboard Box Doyle, Arthur Conan

Case of Identity Doyle, Arthur Conan

Casey - Twenty Years Later McDonald, Clarence P

Casey at the Bat Thayer, Ernest Lawrence

Casey's Revenge Rice, Grantland

Cask of Amontillado Poe, Edgar Allan

Cast Upon the Breakers Alger, Horatio Jr.

Cat and the Mouse in Partnership Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Cat that Walked by Himself Kipling, Rudyard

Categories Aristotle

Cato the Younger Plutarch

Cato; or An Essay on Old Age Cicero

Catterskill Falls Bryant, William Cullen

Celestial Railroad Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Centennial Hymn Bryant, William Cullen

Character of Charles Brown Keats, John

Character of David Brainerd Edwards, Jonathan

Character of Franklin Adams, John

Character of Mistress Joanna Shepard Shepard, Thomas

Characteristic Entries in his Diary Adams, John

Charge of the Light Brigade Tennyson, Alfred Lord

Charles Augustus Milverton Doyle, Arthur Conan

Charlotte Temple Rowson, Susanna Haswell

Charmides Plato

Charmides (Wilde) Wilde, Oscar

Chicago Poems Sandburg, Carl

Child in the Grave Andersen, Hans Christian

Child of the Covenant Edwards, Jonathan

Child's Funeral Bryant, William Cullen

Child's Garden of Verses Stevenson, Robert Louis

Children's Prattle Andersen, Hans Christian

Choephori Aeschylus

Christabel Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Christmas Irving, Washington

Christmas Day Irving, Washington

Christmas Dinner Irving, Washington

Christmas Eve Irving, Washington

Christmas in 1875 Bryant, William Cullen

Chronicle of the Cid (Spain) Historical Document

Chronicles of the Cannongate Scott, Sir Walter

Cicero Plutarch

Cimon Plutarch

Cinderella Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

City Helped of the Lord Mather, Cotton

City in the Sea Poe, Edgar Allan

Civil Disobedience Thoreau, Henry David

Civil Government Second Essay Locke, John

Cleomenes Plutarch

Clerk's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Clerk's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Clever Else Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Clever Gretel Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Cloud on the Way Bryant, William Cullen

Clouds Aristophanes

Code of Hammurabi Historical Document

Code of Hammurabi-Commentary Historical Document

Coliseum Poe, Edgar Allan

Colloquy of Monos and Una Poe, Edgar Allan

Comedy of Errors Shakespeare, William

Commission Pound, Ezra

Common Sense Paine, Thomas

Common Sense: Footnotes Paine, Thomas

Communist Manifesto Marx, Karl/Engels, Friedric

Comus Milton, John

Concerning the Notion of Liberty and of Moral Agen Edwards, Jonathan

Concord Hymn Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Confessions Augustine, Saint

Confessions (Rousseau) Rousseau, Jean Jacques

Confidence James, Henry

Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus Bryant, William Cullen

Conqueror Worm Poe, Edgar Allan

Conqueror's Grave Bryant, William Cullen

Consequences Kipling, Rudyard

Constellations Bryant, William Cullen

Constitution (US) Historical Document

Consumption Bryant, William Cullen

Contemplations Bradstreet, Anne

Convention Between U.S. and Panama Historical Document

Conversation of Eiros and Charmion Poe, Edgar Allan

Conversion of Aurelian McGoggin Kipling, Rudyard

Cook's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Cook's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Copper Beeches Doyle, Arthur Conan

Coriolanus Shakespeare, William

Coriolanus (Plutarch) Plutarch

Coronach Carroll, Lewis

Correspondence with Arnauld Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm

Country Church Irving, Washington

Crab that Played with the Sea Kipling, Rudyard

Crassus Plutarch

Crassus and Nicias Compared Plutarch

Cratylus Plato

Creeping Man Doyle, Arthur Conan

Crime and Punishment Dostoevsky, Fyodor

Critias Plato

Critias: Footnotes Plato

Criticism Poe, Edgar Allan

Critique of Aesthetic Judgement Kant, Immanuel

Critique of Aesthetic Judgement: Footnotes Kant, Immanuel

Critique of Practical Reason Kant, Immanuel

Critique of Pure Reason Kant, Immanuel

Crito Plato

Crooked Man Doyle, Arthur Conan

Crossing the Bar Tennyson, Alfred Lord

Crow and the Pitcher Aesop

Crowded Street Bryant, William Cullen

Crumbs on the Table Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Crystal Ball Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Cunning Little Tailor Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Cupid's Arrows Kipling, Rudyard

Cyclops Euripides

Cymbeline Shakespeare, William

Cyrano de Bergerac Rostand, Edmond

Daddy-Long-Legs Webster, Jean

Daisy Miller James, Henry

Damsel of Peru Bryant, William Cullen

Dance Figure Pound, Ezra

Dancing Men Doyle, Arthur Conan

Danny Deever Kipling, Rudyard

Dante Bryant, William Cullen

Darwin on Trial Johnson, Phillip E

Daughter of the Regiment Kipling, Rudyard

David Copperfield Dickens, Charles

David Copperfield: Footnotes Dickens, Charles

Day is Done Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth

Day is gone and all its sweets are gone! Keats, John

Day of Doom Wigglesworth, Michael

Day-Dream Bryant, William Cullen

Death Be Not Proud Donne, John

Death of a Fair Infant Milton, John

Death of Channing Bryant, William Cullen

Death of Lincoln Bryant, William Cullen

Death of Parson Caldwell's Wife Warren, Mercy

Death of Slavery Bryant, William Cullen

Death of the Flowers Bryant, William Cullen

Death of the Hen Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Death's Messengers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Decameron Boccaccio, Giovanni

Declaration of Independence Jefferson, Thomas

Declaration of Independence (US) Historical Document

Declaration of Rights Historical Document

Dedication (of Poems 1817) to Leigh Hunt Esq Keats, John

Deerslayer Cooper, James Fenimore

Delaying Is Not Forgetting Andersen, Hans Christian

Demetrius Plutarch

Demetrius and Antony Compared Plutarch

Demosthenes Plutarch

Demosthenes and Cicero Compared Plutarch

Descent into the Maelstrom Poe, Edgar Allan

Descent into the Maelstrom: Footnotes Poe, Edgar Allan

Descent of Man Darwin, Charles

Desiree's Baby Chopin, Kate

Deuterocanonical Books of the Bible: The Apocrypha Religious Document

Devil and His Grandmother Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Devil in the Belfry Poe, Edgar Allan

Devil's Foot Doyle, Arthur Conan

Devil's Sooty Brother Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Devil's Three Gold Hairs Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Dialogue Between Franklin and the Gout Franklin, Benjamin

Dialogue between Scipio and Berganza Cervantes, Miguel de

Diddling Considered As One of the Exact Sciences Poe, Edgar Allan

Dion Plutarch

Dion and Brutus Compared Plutarch

Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax Doyle, Arthur Conan

Discourse on Metaphysics Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm

Discourse on Political Economy Rousseau, Jean Jacques

Discourse on the Method Descartes, Rene

Discourse on the Moral Effects Rousseau, Jean Jacques

Discourse on the Origins of Inequality Rousseau, Jean Jacques

Discourses Epictetus

Disinterred Warrior Bryant, William Cullen

Ditmarsch Tale of Wonders Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Divers Recollection of Puritan Strictness Bradford, William

Divine Image Blake, William

Doctor Faustus Marlowe, Christopher

Doctor Heidegger's Experiment Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Doctor Knowall Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Doctrine of the Mean Confucius

Dog and the Shadow Aesop

Dog and the Sparrow Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Doll's House Ibsen, Henrik

Domain of Arnheim Poe, Edgar Allan

Domestic Servants Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Don Juan Byron, Lord

Don Quixote Cervantes, Miguel de

Donkey Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Donkey Cabbages Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Double Acrostic: I sing a place Carroll, Lewis

Double Acrostic: Two little girls Carroll, Lewis

Dove and the Ant Aesop

Dover Beach Arnold, Matthew

Down by the Salley Gardens Yeats, William Butler

Dracula Stoker, Bram

Dramatic Lyrics Browning, Robert

Dream Bryant, William Cullen

Dream Poe, Edgar Allan

Dream Within a Dream Poe, Edgar Allan

Dreamland Poe, Edgar Allan

Dreams Aristotle

Dreams Poe, Edgar Allan

Drop of Water Andersen, Hans Christian

Drummer Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Dryad Andersen, Hans Christian

Dryden Lowell, James Russell

Duc De L'Omlette Poe, Edgar Allan

Duration of Life Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Dying Detective Doyle, Arthur Conan

E. P. Ode Pour L'Election de Son Sepulchre Pound, Ezra

Ear of Corn Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Early Anti-Slavery Tract Sewall, Samuel

Earth Bryant, William Cullen

Earth Is Full of Thy Riches Bryant, William Cullen

Earth's Children Cleave to Earth Bryant, William Cullen

Earth's Holocaust Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Ecclesiazusae Aristophanes

Echoes Carroll, Lewis

Eclogues Virgil

Ecstasy Donne, John

Education of Henry Adams Adams, Henry

Egotism or The Bosom Serpent Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Egyptian Book of the Dead (Egyptian) Religious Document

Eldorado Poe, Edgar Allan

Electra (Euripides) Euripides

Electra (Sophocles) Sophocles

Electrical Kite Franklin, Benjamin

Elegy Written in a Country Church-Yard Gray, Thomas

Eleonora Poe, Edgar Allan

Elephant's Child Kipling, Rudyard

Eleutheria Wilde, Oscar

Elf Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Elf of the Rose Andersen, Hans Christian

Elizabeth Poe, Edgar Allan

Elves Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Emancipation Proclamation Historical Document

Embargo Bryant, William Cullen

Emma Austen, Jane

Empty House Doyle, Arthur Conan

Endymion: A Poetic Romance Keats, John

Engineer's Thumb Doyle, Arthur Conan

Engines of Creation Drexler, K Eric

English Writers on America Irving, Washington

Enigma Poe, Edgar Allan

Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding Hume, David

Ephemera: An Emblem of Human Life Franklin, Benjamin

Epigrams Lowell, James Russell

Epilogue to the Merchant's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Epilogue to the Nun's Priest's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Epitaph on the Marchioness of Winchester Milton, John

Epithalamion Spenser, Edmund

Essay, the Dramatic Character of Sir John Falstaff Morgann, Maurice

Essays Bacon, Francis

Essays Lamb, Charles

Essays (Montaigne) Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de

Essays and Sketches Lamb, Charles

Essays of Elia Lamb, Charles

Essays: First Series Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Essays: Second Series Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Eternity of Hell Torments Edwards, Jonathan

Ethan Brand Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Ethan Frome Wharton, Edith

Eulalie Poe, Edgar Allan

Eumenes Plutarch

Eumenides Aeschylus

Eureka Poe, Edgar Allan

Euthydemos Plato

Euthyphro Plato

Eve of Saint Mark Keats, John

Eve of St Agnes Keats, John

Eve's Various Children Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Evening Revery Bryant, William Cullen

Evening Star Poe, Edgar Allan

Evening Wind Bryant, William Cullen

Everything in the Right Place Andersen, Hans Christian

Except the Lord Build the House Bryant, William Cullen

Exile's Letter Pound, Ezra

Fabius Plutarch

Fabius and Pericles Compared Plutarch

Faces in the Fire Carroll, Lewis

Facts Carroll, Lewis

Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar Poe, Edgar Allan

Faerie Queen Spenser, Edmund

Fair Katrinelje and Pif-Paf-Poltrie Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Fairy-land Poe, Edgar Allan

Faithful John Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Fall of Hyperion: A Dream Keats, John

Fall of the House of Usher Poe, Edgar Allan

False Dawn Kipling, Rudyard

Fame's Penny-Trumpet Carroll, Lewis

Fancy Keats, John

Far From the Madding Crowd Hardy, Thomas

Far From the Madding Crowd: Footnotes Hardy, Thomas

Farewell Bryant, William Cullen

Farewell from the Arbella Winthrop, John

Farm-yard Cock and the Weather-Cock Andersen, Hans Christian

Faust Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von

Feathertop: A Moralized Legend Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Federalist Papers (US) Historical Document

Federalist Papers (US): Footnotes Historical Document

Ferdinand the Faithful and Ferdinand the Unfaithfu Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Fifth Ode of Horace. Lib. I Milton, John

Final Problem Doyle, Arthur Conan

Firmament Bryant, William Cullen

First Olynthiac Oration Demosthenes

First Oration Against Catiline Cicero

First Oration Against Marcus Antonius Cicero

First Part of King Henry IV Shakespeare, William

First Part of King Henry VI Shakespeare, William

First Philippic Demosthenes

First Survey in the Dismal Swamp Byrd, William

Fisherman and His Wife Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Fitcher's Bird Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Five Orange Pips Doyle, Arthur Conan

Flail from Heaven Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Flamininus Plutarch

Flax Andersen, Hans Christian

Flower Fables Alcott, Louisa May

Flower in the Crannied Wall Tennyson, Alfred Lord

Flower of Love Wilde, Oscar

Flowers of Gold Wilde, Oscar

For Annie Poe, Edgar Allan

For the Fourth of July Bryant, William Cullen

For there's Bishop's teign Keats, John

Forest Hymn Bryant, William Cullen

Foundling Bird Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Fountain Bryant, William Cullen

Four Beasts in One Poe, Edgar Allan

Four Riddles Carroll, Lewis

Four seasons fill the measure of the year Keats, John

Four Skilful Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Fourth Movement Wilde, Oscar

Fourth Oration Against Catiline Cicero

Fourth Philippic Demosthenes

Fox and the Cat Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Fox and the Geese Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Fox and the Goat Aesop

Fox and the Horse Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Fox and the Mask Aesop

Frankenstein Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraf

Frankenstein: Footnotes Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraf

Franklin Before the House of Commons Franklin, Benjamin

Franklin's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Franklin's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Freckles Porter, Gene Stratton

Fred and Kate Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Freeman's Hymn Bryant, William Cullen

Friar's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Friar's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Friend's Friend Kipling, Rudyard

Frog Prince Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Frogs Aristophanes

Frogs and the Well Aesop

from Characters of Shakespeare's Plays Hazlitt, William

from Imaginary Conversations Landor, Walter Savage

From Lustra Pound, Ezra

From the Earth to the Moon Verne, Jules

Fugitive Slave Act Historical Document

Gait of Animals Aristotle

Galba Plutarch

Gallant Tailor Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Gambling Hansel Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Game of Fives Carroll, Lewis

Garden of Eros Wilde, Oscar

Gate of the Hundred Sorrows Kipling, Rudyard

Generation and Corruption Aristotle

Generation of Animals Aristotle

Generation of Animals: Footnotes Aristotle

Genius of Columbia Bryant, William Cullen

George Sand: Some Aspects of her Life and Writings Doumic, Rene

Georgics Virgil

Germ-Destroyer Kipling, Rudyard

Gettysburg Address Lincoln, Abraham

Ghost Story Twain, Mark

Giant and the Tailor Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Girl Who Trod on the Loaf Andersen, Hans Christian

Gitanjali (Song Offerings) Tagore, Rabindranath

Gladness of Nature Bryant, William Cullen

Glass Coffin Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Gloria Scott Doyle, Arthur Conan

God's Food Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Godfather Death Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Going Traveling Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Gold Children Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Gold-Bug Poe, Edgar Allan

Golden Bird Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Golden Goose Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Golden Key Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Golden Pince-Nez Doyle, Arthur Conan

Goloshes of Fortune Andersen, Hans Christian

Good Bargain Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Goose-Girl Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Goose-Girl at the Well Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Gorgias Plato

Gossip Wolf and the Fox Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Grandmother Andersen, Hans Christian

Grapes of Wrath Steinbeck, John

Grave Mound Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Great Expectations Dickens, Charles

Great Learning Confucius

Great Stone Face Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Greek Boy Bryant, William Cullen

Greek Interpreter Doyle, Arthur Conan

Greek Partisan Bryant, William Cullen

Green Mountain Boys Bryant, William Cullen

Green River Bryant, William Cullen

Griffin Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Gulistan Sadi, Sheykh Moslehoddin

Gulliver's Travels Swift, Jonathan

Gunga Din Kipling, Rudyard

Hamilton and Adams Jefferson, Thomas

Hamlet Prince of Denmark Shakespeare, William

Hans in Luck Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Hans Married Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Hans Phaall Poe, Edgar Allan

Hans the Hedgehog Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Hansel and Gretel Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Happiest Day the Happiest Hour Poe, Edgar Allan

Happy Farmer Crevecoeur, Hector De

Happy Prince Wilde, Oscar

Hard Times Dickens, Charles

Hare and the Hedgehog Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Hare and the Tortoise Aesop

Haunted Mind Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Haunted Palace Poe, Edgar Allan

Haunted Subalterns Kipling, Rudyard

Hazel Branch Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

He Dines with a Literary Woman Morris, Gouverneur

Heart of Darkness Conrad, Joseph

Heavenly Wedding Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Heavens Aristotle

Hecuba Euripides

Hedda Gabler Ibsen, Henrik

Heidi Spyri, Johanna

Helen Euripides

Henry V Shakespeare, William

Henry VIII Shakespeare, William

Heracleidae Euripides

Heracles Mad Euripides

Hercules and Pallas Aesop

Hercules and the Wagoner Aesop

Here the Maker of this Book Takes his Leave Chaucer, Geoffrey

Hesiod, Homeric Hymns, and Homerica Hesiod

Hiawatha's Departure Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth

Hiawatha's Photographing Carroll, Lewis

Highwayman Noyes, Alfred

Hippolytus Euripides

His Battles O'er Again Humphreys, David

His Chance in Life Kipling, Rudyard

His Early and Rapturous Sense of Divine Things Edwards, Jonathan

His Invention of the Lightning Rod Franklin, Benjamin

His Last Bow Doyle, Arthur Conan

His Mother Kept All These Sayings in Her Heart Bryant, William Cullen

His Tender Mercies Are Over All His Works Bryant, William Cullen

His Wedded Wife Kipling, Rudyard

Histories Tacitus, P Cornelius

History of Animals Aristotle

History of Animals: Footnotes Aristotle

History of Herodotus Herodotus

History of the Conquest of Mexico Prescott, William Hickling

History of the Peloponnesian War Thucydides

Holger Danske Andersen, Hans Christian

Hollow of the Three Hills Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Holy Thursday Blake, William

Home-Thoughts From Abroad Browning, Robert

Homes of England Hemans, Felicia

Hop Frog Poe, Edgar Allan

Horrors Carroll, Lewis

Hound of Heaven Thompson, Francis

Hound of the Baskervilles Doyle, Arthur Conan

House by the Side of the Road Foss, Sam Walter

House of Fame Chaucer, Geoffrey

House of the Seven Gables Hawthorne, Nathaniel

How Amiable Are Thy Tabernacles! Bryant, William Cullen

How Do I Love Thee? Browning, Elizabeth Barrett

How He Testified in the Meeting Against Slavery Woolman, John

How Judge Sewall Courted Madam Winthrop Sewall, Samuel

How many bards gild the lapses of time! Keats, John

How Mrs. Fox Married Again Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

How the Alphabet was Made Kipling, Rudyard

How the Camel got his Hump Kipling, Rudyard

How the First Letter was Written Kipling, Rudyard

How the Leopard got his Spots Kipling, Rudyard

How the Rhinoceros got his Skin Kipling, Rudyard

How the Separatists Paid Debts Morton, Thomas

How the Whale got his Throat Kipling, Rudyard

How to Write a Blackwood Article Poe, Edgar Allan

Human Understanding Locke, John

Humanitad Wilde, Oscar

Hunter of the Prairies Bryant, William Cullen

Hunter's Serenade Bryant, William Cullen

Hunter's Vision Bryant, William Cullen

Hunting of the Snark Carroll, Lewis

Hurricane Bryant, William Cullen

Hut in the Forest Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Hymn Poe, Edgar Allan

Hymn of the City Bryant, William Cullen

Hymn of the Sea Bryant, William Cullen

Hymn of the Waldenses Bryant, William Cullen

Hymn to Death Bryant, William Cullen

Hymn to the North Star Bryant, William Cullen

Hyperion Keats, John

I Broke the Spell That Held Me Long Bryant, William Cullen

I Cannot Forget with What Fervid Devotion Bryant, William Cullen

I cry your mercy- pity- love!- aye love! Keats, John

I Have a Rendezvous with Death Seeger, Alan

I stood tip-toe upon a little hill Keats, John

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud Wordsworth, William

I Will Fight No More Forever Chief Joseph

I Will Send Them Prophets and Apostles Bryant, William Cullen

Ib and Little Christina Andersen, Hans Christian

Idylls of the King Tennyson, Alfred Lord

If Kipling, Rudyard

If by dull rhymes our English must be chain'd Keats, John

If Thou Must Love Me Browning, Elizabeth Barrett

Il Penseroso Milton, John

Iliad Homer

Illustrious Client Doyle, Arthur Conan

Imitation of Christ Thomas a Kempis

Imitation of Spenser Keats, John

Imp of the Perverse Poe, Edgar Allan

Importance of Being Earnest Wilde, Oscar

Impressions de Theatre Wilde, Oscar

In a Copy of Omar Khayyam Lowell, James Russell

In a French Prison Paine, Thomas

In a Station of the Metro Pound, Ezra

In Defense of the Study of Greek Lowell, James Russell

In Error Kipling, Rudyard

In Memoriam Bryant, William Cullen

In Memory of William Leggett Bryant, William Cullen

In the Cage James, Henry

In the House of Suddhoo Kipling, Rudyard

In the Nursery Andersen, Hans Christian

In the Pride of His Youth Kipling, Rudyard

In the Prison Pen Melville, Herman

In the Uttermost Parts of the Sea Andersen, Hans Christian

Inaugural Speech of FDR given in Washington, DC Roosevelt, Franklin D.

Indian at the Burial-Place of His Fathers Bryant, William Cullen

Indian Girl's Lament Bryant, William Cullen

Indian Story Bryant, William Cullen

Inferno Dante Alighieri

Inn Kitchen Irving, Washington

Innocent Child and Snow-White Flower Bryant, William Cullen

Innocents Abroad Twain, Mark

Inscription for the Entrance to a Wood Bryant, William Cullen

Instrument of Government Historical Document

Instruments of Reduction Hippocrates

Instruments of Reduction: Footnotes Hippocrates

Interpretation Aristotle

Interpretation of Dreams Freud, Sigmund

Introduction - Metaphysic of Morals Kant, Immanuel

Introduction of New Species Wallace, Alfred Russel

Introduction to the Lawyer's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Invictus Henley, William Ernest

Invitation to the Country Bryant, William Cullen

Ion (Euripides) Euripides

Ion (Plato) Plato

Iphigenia Among the Tauri Euripides

Iphigenia at Aulis Euripides

Iron Heel London, Jack

Iron John Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Iron Stove Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Isabella; or The Pot of Basil Keats, John

Island of the Fay Poe, Edgar Allan

Israfel Poe, Edgar Allan

Italy Bryant, William Cullen

Jane Eyre Bronte, Charlotte

Jenny Kiss'd Me Hunt, Leigh

Jew Among Thorns Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Jewish Maiden Andersen, Hans Christian

John Adams's Monarchical Ideas Warren, Mercy

John Bull Irving, Washington

Jorinda and Joringel Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Journey of Life Bryant, William Cullen

Journey to the Center of the Earth Verne, Jules

Journey to the Center of the Earth: Footnotes Verne, Jules

Jude the Obscure Hardy, Thomas

Judge's Confession Sewall, Samuel

Julius Caesar Shakespeare, William

June Bryant, William Cullen

Jungle Sinclair, Upton

Jungle Book Kipling, Rudyard

Jungle Book II Kipling, Rudyard

Jungle Tales of Tarzan Burroughs, Edgar Rice

Juniper Tree Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Keen fitful gusts are whisp'ring here and there Keats, John

Kidnapped Kipling, Rudyard

Kidnapped Stevenson, Robert Louis

Kim Kipling, Rudyard

King John Shakespeare, William

King Lear Shakespeare, William

King of the Golden Mountain Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

King Pest Poe, Edgar Allan

King Richard II Shakespeare, William

King Richard III Shakespeare, William

King Solomon's Mines Haggard, H Rider

King Stephen Keats, John

King Thrushbeard Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

King's Son Who Feared Nothing Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Kiss Chopin, Kate

Knapsack the Hat and the Horn Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Knight's Epitaph Bryant, William Cullen

Knight's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Knights Aristophanes

Knoist and His Three Sons Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Koran (Muslim) Religious Document

Kubla Khan or A Vision in a Dream Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

L'Allegro Milton, John

L'Envoi Kipling, Rudyard

L'Envoy Irving, Washington

La Belle Dame sans Merci: A Ballad Keats, John

La Belle Zoraide Chopin, Kate

Laches Plato

Lady Eleanore's Mantle Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Lady of Bayou St John Chopin, Kate

Lady of the Ladle Carroll, Lewis

Lady Windermere's Fan Wilde, Oscar

Laelius; or An Essay on Friendship Cicero

Lake Isle of Innisfree Yeats, William Butler

Lake: To __ Poe, Edgar Allan

Lambkin and the Little Fish Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Lamia Keats, John

Land of Dreams Bryant, William Cullen

Landor's Cottage Poe, Edgar Allan

Landscape Garden Poe, Edgar Allan

Lang Coortin' Carroll, Lewis

Last Days of Increase Mather Mather, Cotton

Last Days of Pompeii Bulwer-Lytton, Edward Georg

Last Essays of Elia Lamb, Charles

Last Oration Against Marcus Antonius Cicero

Law Hippocrates

Laws Plato

Laws of Manu (Hindu) Religious Document

Lawyer's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Lawyer's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Lays of Mystery Imagination and Humour Carroll, Lewis

Lazy Harry Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Lazy Spinner Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Lean Lisa Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Leaves of Grass Whitman, Walt

Leaves of Grass: Footnotes Whitman, Walt

Lee's Farewell to his Army Historical Document

Lee's Surrender at Appomattox Historical Document

Legend of Good Women Chaucer, Geoffrey

Legend of Sleepy Hollow Irving, Washington

Legend of the Delawares Bryant, William Cullen

Legends of Charlemagne Bulfinch, Thomas

Lenore Poe, Edgar Allan

Les Miserables Hugo, Victor

Lesson in Latin Carroll, Lewis

Leviathan Hobbes, Thomas

Liberty and Peace Wheatley, Phillis

Liberty Tree Paine, Thomas

Life Bryant, William Cullen

Life of Samuel Johnson LL.D. Boswell, James

Life on the Mississippi Twain, Mark

Life That Is Bryant, William Cullen

Life Without Principle Thoreau, Henry David

Ligeia Poe, Edgar Allan

Lightning Usually Passes from Earth to the Cloud Franklin, Benjamin

Limerick Carroll, Lewis

Lincoln's First Inaugural Address Lincoln, Abraham

Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey Wordsworth, William

Lines on the Mermaid Tavern Keats, John

Lines Rhymed in a Letter from Oxford Keats, John

Lion's Mane Doyle, Arthur Conan

Lionizing Poe, Edgar Allan

Lispeth Kipling, Rudyard

Literary Life of Thingum Bob Esq Poe, Edgar Allan

Little Boy and Fortune Aesop

Little Britain Irving, Washington

Little Claus and Big Claus Andersen, Hans Christian

Little Elder-Tree Mother Andersen, Hans Christian

Little Farmer Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Little Folks' Presents Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Little Ida's Flowers Andersen, Hans Christian

Little Match-Seller Andersen, Hans Christian

Little Men Alcott, Louisa May

Little Red Riding Hood Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Little Tuk Andersen, Hans Christian

Little Women Alcott, Louisa May

Living Lost Bryant, William Cullen

London Blake, William

London Antiques Irving, Washington

Longevity and Shortness of Life Aristotle

Lord Dunmore's Petition to the Legislature Freneau, Philip

Lord Giveth Wisdom Bryant, William Cullen

Lord Jim Conrad, Joseph

Lord's Animals and the Devil's Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Loss of Breath Poe, Edgar Allan

Lost Wig Aesop

Lost World Doyle, Arthur Conan

Love among the Roses Carroll, Lewis

Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Eliot, T. S.

Love's Labour's Lost Shakespeare, William

Love's Philosophy Shelley, Percy Bysshe

Love's Usury Donne, John

Love-Letter to Her Husband Bradstreet, Anne

Loveliest of Trees The Cherry Now Housman, Alfred Edward

Loveliest Rose in the World Andersen, Hans Christian

Lover's Complaint Shakespeare, William

Lucullus Plutarch

Lucullus and Cimon Compared Plutarch

Lyceum Carroll, Lewis

Lycidas Milton, John

Lycurgus Plutarch

Lysander Plutarch

Lysander and Sylla Compared Plutarch

Lysis Plato

Lysistrata Aristophanes

Macbeth Shakespeare, William

Madame Bovary Flaubert, Gustave

Madame Celestin's Divorce Chopin, Kate

Madness of Private Ortheris Kipling, Rudyard

Madrigal Carroll, Lewis

Maggie B__ Carroll, Lewis

Maggie's Visit to Oxford Carroll, Lewis

Magna Carta (England) Historical Document

Maid Maleen Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Maid of Brakel Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Maid of Saint Philippe Chopin, Kate

Maiden Without Hands Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Maiden's Sorrow Bryant, William Cullen

Mail-Coach Passengers Andersen, Hans Christian

Majesty of Justice Carroll, Lewis

Man and Superman Shaw, George Bernard

Man He Killed Hardy, Thomas

Man in the Iron Mask Dumas, Alexandre

Man of the Crowd Poe, Edgar Allan

Man that was Used Up Poe, Edgar Allan

Man with the Twisted Lip Doyle, Arthur Conan

Manciple's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Manciple's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Mandalay Kipling, Rudyard

Mansfield Park Austen, Jane

Marcellus Plutarch

March Bryant, William Cullen

Marcus Brutus Plutarch

Marcus Cato Plutarch

Marginalia Poe, Edgar Allan

Maria, or the Wrongs of Woman Wollstonecraft, Mary

Markheim Stevenson, Robert Louis

Masque of the Red Death Poe, Edgar Allan

Massacre at Scio Bryant, William Cullen

Master Pfriem Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Master-Thief Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

May Evening Bryant, William Cullen

May Sun Sheds an Amber Light Bryant, William Cullen

Mayflower Compact Historical Document

Mayor of Casterbridge Hardy, Thomas

Maypole of Merry Mount Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Mazarin Stone Doyle, Arthur Conan

Measure for Measure Shakespeare, William

Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence Historical Document

Medea Euripides

Meditation on Rhode Island Coal Bryant, William Cullen

Meditations Aurelius (Marcus Aurelius)

Meditations Divine and Moral Bradstreet, Anne

Meditations on the First Philosophy Descartes, Rene

Melancholetta Carroll, Lewis

Mellonta Tauta Poe, Edgar Allan

Melodies Carroll, Lewis

Memoir of Mrs Behn Summers, Montague

Memory and Reminiscence Aristotle

Mending Wall Frost, Robert

Meno Plato

Merchant of Venice Shakespeare, William

Merchant's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Merchant's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Mercury and the Woodman Aesop

Merry Wives of Windsor Shakespeare, William

Mesmeric Revelation Poe, Edgar Allan

Message to Garcia Hubbard, Elbert

Metal Pig Andersen, Hans Christian

Metamorphoses Ovid

Metaphysics Aristotle

Meteorology Aristotle

Metzengerstein Poe, Edgar Allan

Middlemarch Eliot, George

Midsummer Bryant, William Cullen

Midsummer Night's Dream Shakespeare, William

Milkmaid and her Pail Aesop

Miller's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Miller's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Milton Lowell, James Russell

Minister's Black Veil Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Miniver Cheevy Robinson, Edwin Arlington

Miscellaneous Poems Freneau, Philip

Miscellaneous Poems Wilde, Oscar

Miss McEnders Chopin, Kate

Miss Youghal's Sais Kipling, Rudyard

Missing Three-Quarter Doyle, Arthur Conan

Misunderstandings Carroll, Lewis

Moby Dick Melville, Herman

Moby Dick: Footnotes Melville, Herman

Mock Turtle's Song (Early version) Carroll, Lewis

Model of Christian Charity Winthrop, John

Modern Love Keats, John

Modest Proposal Swift, Jonathan

Moeurs Contemporaines Pound, Ezra

Monadology Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm

Monk's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Monk's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Monroe Doctrine Historical Document

Monument Mountain Bryant, William Cullen

Moon Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Moonstone Collins, Wilkie

Morella Poe, Edgar Allan

Morning on the Wissahiccon Poe, Edgar Allan

Mother Hulda Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Mother's Hymn Bryant, William Cullen

Motion of Animals Aristotle

Motion of Animals: Footnotes Aristotle

Mountain Interval Frost, Robert

Mourning Bride Congreve, William

Mouse the Bird and the Sausage Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Mr Higginbotham's Catastrophe Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Mr. Korbes Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Mrs Mobry's Reason Chopin, Kate

MS. Found in a Bottle Poe, Edgar Allan

Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare, William

Murdered Traveller Bryant, William Cullen

Murders in the Rue Morgue Poe, Edgar Allan

Murders in the Rue Morgue: Footnotes Poe, Edgar Allan

Musgrave Ritual Doyle, Arthur Conan

Mutability of Literature Irving, Washington

Mutation Bryant, William Cullen

My Antonia Cather, Willa

My Autumn Walk Bryant, William Cullen

My Bondage and My Freedom Douglass, Frederick

My Fairy Carroll, Lewis

My Fancy Carroll, Lewis

My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold Wordsworth, William

My Kinsman Major Molineux Hawthorne, Nathaniel

My Last Duchess Browning, Robert

My Watch Twain, Mark

Mysterious Island Verne, Jules

Mystery of Marie Roget Poe, Edgar Allan

Mystification Poe, Edgar Allan

Nail Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket Poe, Edgar Allan

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Douglass, Frederick

Naval Treaty Doyle, Arthur Conan

Neg Creol Chopin, Kate

Never Bet the Devil Your Head Poe, Edgar Allan

New and the Old Bryant, William Cullen

New Arabian Nights Stevenson, Robert Louis

New Atlantis Bacon, Francis

New Colossus Lazarus, Emma

New Moon Bryant, William Cullen

Niagara Twain, Mark

Nibelungenlied Anonymous Epic

Nicias Plutarch

Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle

Night in Acadie Chopin, Kate

Night in the Forest Winthrop, John

Night Journey of a River Bryant, William Cullen

Nightingale Andersen, Hans Christian

Nightingale and the Rose Wilde, Oscar

Ninth Oration Against Marcus Antonius Cicero

Nixie of the Mill-Pond Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

No Man Knoweth His Sepulchre Bryant, William Cullen

No-Account Creole Chopin, Kate

No-Account Creole: Footnotes Chopin, Kate

Noble Bachelor Doyle, Arthur Conan

Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae Dowson, Ernest

Noon Bryant, William Cullen

North of Boston Frost, Robert

North Wind and the Sun Aesop

Northanger Abbey Austen, Jane

Norwood Builder Doyle, Arthur Conan

Not Yet Bryant, William Cullen

November Bryant, William Cullen

Numa and Lycurgus Compared Plutarch

Numa Pompilius Plutarch

Nun's Priest's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Nursery Darling Carroll, Lewis

Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd Raleigh, Sir Walter

O Pioneers! Cather, Willa

O Solitude! if I must with thee dwell Keats, John

O thou whose face hath felt the Winter's wind Keats, John

O Western Wind Anonymous

Oath Hippocrates

Oblong Box Poe, Edgar Allan

October Bryant, William Cullen

October 1866 Bryant, William Cullen

Odds and Ends Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Ode (Bards of Passion and of Mirth) Keats, John

Ode for an Agricultural Celebration Bryant, William Cullen

Ode on a Grecian Urn Keats, John

Ode on Indolence Keats, John

Ode on Melancholy Keats, John

Ode to a Nightingale Keats, John

Ode to Connecticut River Bryant, William Cullen

Ode to Damon Carroll, Lewis

Ode to May Keats, John

Ode to Psyche Keats, John

Ode to the West Wind Shelley, Percy Bysshe

Ode: Intimations of Immortality Wordsworth, William

Odi et Amo Catullus, Giaus Valerius

Odyssey Homer

Oedipus at Colonus Sophocles

Oedipus the King Sophocles

Of Abigail His Wife Mather, Cotton

Of Beelzebub and His Plot Mather, Cotton

Of Human Bondage Maugham, W Somerset

Of Liberty and Authority Winthrop, John

Of Mice and Men Steinbeck, John

Of Sarah Pierrepont Who Afterward Became His Wife Edwards, Jonathan

Of the Epidemics Hippocrates

Of the Four Ages of Man Bradstreet, Anne

Offices Cicero

Oh Fairest of the Rural Maids Bryant, William Cullen

Oh Mother of a Mighty Race Bryant, William Cullen

Oh When I was in Love with You Housman, Alfred Edward

Old Bachelor's Nightcap Andersen, Hans Christian

Old Beggar-Woman Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Old Esther Dudley Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Old Grandfather's Corner Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Old Grave-stone Andersen, Hans Christian

Old Hildebrand Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Old Man and Death Aesop

Old Man Made Young Again Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Old Man's Counsel Bryant, William Cullen

Old Man's Funeral Bryant, William Cullen

Old Rinkrank Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Old Sultan Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Old Witch Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Old Woman in the Wood Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Ole the Tower-Keeper Andersen, Hans Christian

Ole-Luk-Oie The Dream-God Andersen, Hans Christian

Oliver Twist Dickens, Charles

On a Certain Condescension in Foreigners Lowell, James Russell

On a Dream Keats, John

On a Leander Gem Which a Young Lady Gave the Autho Keats, John

On a Vision and a Battle Morton, Thomas

On Airs Waters and Places Hippocrates

On Ancient Medicine Hippocrates

On Fame Keats, John

On First Looking into Chapman's Homer Keats, John

On Fistulae Hippocrates

On Fractures Hippocrates

On Hemorrhoids Hippocrates

On Injuries of the Head Hippocrates

On Liberty Mill, John Stuart

On Life Humphreys, David

On My First Son Jonson, Ben

On Regimen in Acute Diseases Hippocrates

On Seeing the Elgin Marbles Keats, John

On Shakespear Milton, John

On Sitting Down to Read King Lear Once Again Keats, John

On the Advantages of New England Smith, John

On the Articulations Hippocrates

On the Articulations: Footnotes Hippocrates

On the Grasshopper and Cricket Keats, John

On the Knocking at the Gate in Macbeth De Quincey, Thomas

On the Last Days of King Louis' Reign (1789) Morris, Gouverneur

On the Lord Gen. Fairfax Milton, John

On the Morning of Christs Nativity Milton, John

On the Natural Faculties Galen

On the Nature of Things Lucretius

On the new forcers of Conscience Milton, John

On the Punctilio of the Savage Morton, Thomas

On the Sacred Disease Hippocrates

On the Sea Keats, John

On the Strength of a Likeness Kipling, Rudyard

On the Surgery Hippocrates

On the Tragedies of Shakespeare Lamb, Charles

On the University Carrier Milton, John

On This Day I Complete My Thirty-Sixth Year Byron, Lord

On Time Milton, John

On Ulcers Hippocrates

On Visiting the Tomb of Burns Keats, John

One-Eye Two-Eyes and Three-Eyes Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Only a Woman's Hair Carroll, Lewis

Oration for the Liberty of the Rhodians Demosthenes

Oration in Defence of Publius Sylla Cicero

Oration of Aeschines against Ctesiphon Aeschines

Oration on the Classes Demosthenes

Oration on the Crown Demosthenes

Oration on the Letter Demosthenes

Oration on the Peace Demosthenes

Oration on the Regulation of the State Demosthenes

Oration on the State of the Chersonesus Demosthenes

Oration on the Treaty with Alexander Demosthenes

Order of Nature Bryant, William Cullen

Orestes Euripides

Origin of Species Darwin, Charles

Orlando Furioso Ariosto, Lodovico

Oroonoko or the Royal Slave Behn, Aphra

Orthodoxy Chesterton, G. K.

Othello Shakespeare, William

Other Man Kipling, Rudyard

Other Sheep I Have Which Are Not of This Fold Bryant, William Cullen

Other Works by Andersen Hans Christian Andersen, Hans Christian

Otho Plutarch

Our Country's Call Bryant, William Cullen

Our Lady's Child Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Our Lady's Little Glass Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Oval Portrait Poe, Edgar Allan

Over the hill and over the dale Keats, John

Owl Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Owl and the Pussy-Cat Lear, Edward

Ozymandias Shelley, Percy Bysshe

Pact Pound, Ezra

Paine Opposes the Execution of Louis XVI Paine, Thomas

Painted Cup Bryant, William Cullen

Panthea Wilde, Oscar

Paradise Dante Alighieri

Paradise Lost Milton, John

Paradise Regained Milton, John

Paraphrase on Psalm 114 Milton, John

Paraphrase on Psalm 114: Footnotes Milton, John

Pardoner's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Parmenides Plato

Parnassus on Wheels Morley, Christopher

Parson's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Parson's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Parts of Animals Aristotle

Passages from his Autobiography Jefferson, Thomas

Passion Milton, John

Passionate Pilgrim Shakespeare, William

Passionate Shepherd to His Love Marlowe, Christopher

Past Bryant, William Cullen

Pastor's Return Bryant, William Cullen

Path Bryant, William Cullen

Path of Roses Carroll, Lewis

Pathfinder Cooper, James Fenimore

Paul Revere's Ride Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth

Peace Aristophanes

Pearl Steinbeck, John

Peasant and the Devil Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Peasant in Heaven Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Peasant's Wise Daughter Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Peer Gynt Ibsen, Henrik

Pelopidas Plutarch

Pelopidas and Marcellus Compared Plutarch

Pen and the Inkstand Andersen, Hans Christian

Penguin Island France, Anatole

Pensees Pascal, Blaise

People of the Abyss London, Jack

Pericles Shakespeare, William

Pericles (Plutarch) Plutarch

Persians Aeschylus

Persuasion Austen, Jane

Peter Goldthwaite's Treasure Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Peter Pan Barrie, James M

Petition of Right Historical Document

Phaedo Plato

Phaedrus Plato

Phantasmagoria Carroll, Lewis

Philebus Plato

Philip of Pokanoket Irving, Washington

Philip's Letter to the Athenians Philip, King of Macedon

Philoctetes Sophocles

Philopoemen Plutarch

Philopoemen and Flamininus Compared Plutarch

Philosopher's Stone Andersen, Hans Christian

Phocion Plutarch

Phoenician Women Euripides

Phoenix and the Turtle Shakespeare, William

Photography Extraordinary Carroll, Lewis

Physician's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Physics Aristotle

Pickwick Papers Dickens, Charles

Pickwick Papers: Footnotes Dickens, Charles

Picture of Dorian Gray Wilde, Oscar

Pig Kipling, Rudyard

Pilgrim's Progress Bunyan, John

Pink Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Pinocchio: The Adventures of a Puppet Collodi, Carlo

Pit and the Pendulum Poe, Edgar Allan

Planting of the Apple-Tree Bryant, William Cullen

Plea for Captain John Brown Thoreau, Henry David

Plutus Aristophanes

Poems Dickinson, Emily

Poems Wheatley, Phillis

Poems: Second Series Dickinson, Emily

Poems: Third Series Dickinson, Emily

Poet Bryant, William Cullen

Poet Keats, John

Poeta Fit non Nascitur Carroll, Lewis

Poetics Aristotle

Poison Tree Blake, William

Political Economy Twain, Mark

Politics Aristotle

Politics: Footnotes Aristotle

Pompey Plutarch

Pompey and Agesilaus Compared Plutarch

Poor Boy in the Grave Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Poor Man and the Rich Man Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Poor Miller's Boy and the Cat Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Poplicola Plutarch

Poplicola and Solon Compared Plutarch

Popol Vuh (Mayan) Religious Document

Porphyria's Lover Browning, Robert

Portrait D'une Femme Pound, Ezra

Portrait of a Lady James, Henry

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Joyce, James

Portuguese Duck Andersen, Hans Christian

Posterior Analytics Aristotle

Poverty and Humility Lead to Heaven Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Power of Words Poe, Edgar Allan

Pragmatism James, William

Prairies Bryant, William Cullen

Praise of Folly Erasmus, Desiderius

Predicament Poe, Edgar Allan

Preface/Introduction - Metaphysical Elements Kant, Immanuel

Premature Burial Poe, Edgar Allan

Preparation for Parting Winthrop, John

Presentiment Bryant, William Cullen

Pride and Prejudice Austen, Jane

Pride of the Village Irving, Washington

Prince Machiavelli, Nicolo

Prince and the Pauper Twain, Mark

Princess and the Pea Andersen, Hans Christian

Princess in Disguise Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Principles of Human Knowledge Berkeley, George

Principles of Metaphysic of Morals Kant, Immanuel

Prior Analytics Aristotle

Prioress' Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Prioress' Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Priory School Doyle, Arthur Conan

Problem of Thor Bridge Doyle, Arthur Conan

Proclaim Liberty throughout the Land Bryant, William Cullen

Profitable Day Byrd, William

Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Prologue of the Pardoner's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Prologue to a Comedy Freneau, Philip

Prologue to Melibeus Chaucer, Geoffrey

Prologue to Sir Thopas Chaucer, Geoffrey

Prologue to the Nun's Priest's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Prometheus Bound Aeschylus

Prophesying by Dreams Aristotle

Prophetic Pictures Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Prosecution of Verres Cicero

Prospice Browning, Robert

Protagoras Plato

Providence and the Pilgrim Bradford, William

Provincial Letters Pascal, Blaise

Prudent Hans Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Psalm 136 Milton, John

Psalm 136: Footnotes Milton, John

Psalms I-VIII Milton, John

Psalms LXXX-LXXXVIII Milton, John

Psalms LXXX-LXXXVIII: Footnotes Milton, John

Puck Lost and Found Carroll, Lewis

Punctuality Carroll, Lewis

Puppet-show Man Andersen, Hans Christian

Purgatory Dante Alighieri

Puritan Wife to Her Husband Winthrop, Margaret

Purloined Letter Poe, Edgar Allan

Putnam and the Wolf Humphreys, David

Puzzle Carroll, Lewis

Puzzles from Wonderland Carroll, Lewis

Pygmalion Shaw, George Bernard

Pyrrhus Plutarch

Queen Bee Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Quo Vadis Sienkiewicz, Henryk

Rabbi Ben Ezra Browning, Robert

Rabbit's Bride Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Rain-Dream Bryant, William Cullen

Rape of Lucrece Shakespeare, William

Rappaccini's Daughter Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Rapunzel Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Rats and Mice Bryant, William Cullen

Raven Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Raven Poe, Edgar Allan


Ravenna Wilde, Oscar

Receive Thy Sight Bryant, William Cullen

Recognition of the Independence of Cuba Historical Document

Red and the Black Stendhal

Red Badge of Courage Crane, Stephen

Red Circle Doyle, Arthur Conan

Red Red Rose Burns, Robert

Red-Headed League Doyle, Arthur Conan

Reeve's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Reeve's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Reflections on the Revolution in France Burke, Edmund

Reginald Munro, H. H. (Saki)

Reginald in Russia Munro, H. H. (Saki)

Reigate Puzzle Doyle, Arthur Conan

Remarks on Some of the Characters in Shakespeare Whately, Thomas

Remember Rossetti, Christina

Renascence and Other Poems Millay, Edna St. Vincent

Representative Government Mill, John Stuart

Representative Men Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Republic Plato

Requiem Stevenson, Robert Louis

Rescue of Pluffles Kipling, Rudyard

Resident Patient Doyle, Arthur Conan

Respectable Woman Chopin, Kate

Retired Colourman Doyle, Arthur Conan

Return of the Birds Bryant, William Cullen

Return of the Native Hardy, Thomas

Return of Youth Bryant, William Cullen

Review of Hazlitt's Characters of Shakespeare's Pl Jeffrey, Francis

Revolt of the Masses Ortega y Gasset, Jose

Rhesus Euripides

Rhetoric Aristotle

Rhyme? and Reason? Carroll, Lewis

Richard Cory Robinson, Edwin Arlington

Riddle Carroll, Lewis

Riddle Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Riddling Tale Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Rights of Man Paine, Thomas

Rights of Man: Author's Notes Paine, Thomas

Rime of the Ancient Mariner Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Ring Out Wild Bells Tennyson, Alfred Lord

Rip Van Winkle Irving, Washington

River-Merchant's Wife: A Letter Pound, Ezra

Rivulet Bryant, William Cullen

Rizpah Bryant, William Cullen

Road Not Taken Frost, Robert

Robber Bridegroom Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Robert of Lincoln Bryant, William Cullen

Robin Hood Rhead, Louis

Robinson Crusoe Defoe, Daniel

Roderick Hudson James, Henry

Rogue and His Master Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Romance Poe, Edgar Allan

Romance of Pocahontas Smith, John

Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare, William

Romero Bryant, William Cullen

Romulus Plutarch

Romulus and Theseus Compared Plutarch

Rosa Mystica Wilde, Oscar

Rosamund Gray Lamb, Charles

Roscoe Irving, Washington

Rose Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Rose and the Amaranth Aesop

Rose from Homer's Grave Andersen, Hans Christian

Rout of the White Hussars Kipling, Rudyard

Rover Behn, Aphra

Royal Poet Irving, Washington

Rubaiyat Khayyam, Omar

Ruined Maid Hardy, Thomas

Rules and Regulations Carroll, Lewis

Rules for Reducing a Great Empire to a Small One Franklin, Benjamin

Rumpelstiltskin Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Rural Funerals Irving, Washington

Rural Life in England Irving, Washington

Sailor's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Sailor's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Sailor's Wife Carroll, Lewis

Salome Wilde, Oscar

Salutation Pound, Ezra

Samson Agonistes Milton, John

Sara Crewe Burnett, Frances Hodgson

Saucy Boy Andersen, Hans Christian

Scandal in Bohemia Doyle, Arthur Conan

Scarlet Letter Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Scarlet Pimpernel Orczy, Baroness

Scene on the Banks of the Hudson Bryant, William Cullen

Scenes from "Politian" Poe, Edgar Allan

School for Scandal Sheridan, Richard B

Science of Right Kant, Immanuel

Sea Dirge Carroll, Lewis

Sea Wolf London, Jack

Sea-Hare Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Second Nun's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Second Nun's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Second Olynthiac Oration Demosthenes

Second Oration Against Catiline Cicero

Second Oration Against Marcus Antonius Cicero

Second Part of King Henry IV Shakespeare, William

Second Part of King Henry VI Shakespeare, William

Second Philippic Demosthenes

Second Stain Doyle, Arthur Conan

Secondary and Inferior Kind of Beauty Edwards, Jonathan

Secret Sharer Conrad, Joseph

Select Letters to Several Friends Cicero

Selected Poems Alkaios

Selected Poems Anakreon

Selected Poems Archilochos

Selected Poems Pindar

Selected Poems Plato

Selected Works of Sappho Sappho

Selections from Adams' Correspondence Adams, John

Selections from Franklin's Miscellaneous Letters Franklin, Benjamin

Selections from Jefferson's Correspondence Jefferson, Thomas

Selections from Poetical Works Lowell, James Russell

Selections from The Biglow Papers Lowell, James Russell

Self-Trained Berkeleian Edwards, Jonathan

Selfish Giant Wilde, Oscar

Sense and Sensibility Austen, Jane

Sense and the Sensible Aristotle

Serenade Poe, Edgar Allan

Serpent and the Eagle Aesop

Sertorius Plutarch

Sertorius and Eumenes Compared Plutarch

Seven Against Thebes Aeschylus

Seven Ravens Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Seven Swabians Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Seventh Letter Plato

Seventy-Six Bryant, William Cullen

Shadow -- A Parable Poe, Edgar Allan

Shakespeare and His Style Lowell, James Russell

Shakespeare as Poet Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Shakespeare's Contemporaries Hazlitt, William

Shakespeare's Genius Hazlitt, William

Shameful Affair Chopin, Kate

Sharing Joy and Sorrow Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

She Haggard, H Rider

She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways Wordsworth, William

She Walks In Beauty Byron, Lord

She Was a Phantom of Delight Wordsworth, William

She was Good for Nothing Andersen, Hans Christian

Shepherd Boy Aesop

Shepherd Boy Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Shepherdess and the Sheep Andersen, Hans Christian

Sheridan at Cedar Creek Melville, Herman

Shipwrecked Imposter Aesop

Shirt-Collar Andersen, Hans Christian

Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Shooting of Dan McGrew Service, Robert W.

Shoscombe Old Place Doyle, Arthur Conan

Shrinking History Stannard, David E

Shroud Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Sick-Bed Bryant, William Cullen

Sign of Four Doyle, Arthur Conan

Silas Marner Eliot, George

Silence - A Fable Poe, Edgar Allan

Silkworm and Spider Aesop

Silver Blaze Doyle, Arthur Conan

Silver Shilling Andersen, Hans Christian

Simeli Mountain Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Sing-Song of Old Man Kangaroo Kipling, Rudyard

Singing Bone Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Singing Soaring Lark Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Single Hound Dickinson, Emily

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Edwards, Jonathan

Sir Thopas Chaucer, Geoffrey

Sister Carrie Dreiser, Theodore

Six Enneads Plotinus

Six Napoleons Doyle, Arthur Conan

Six Servants Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Six Soldiers of Fortune Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Six Swans Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Size and Tears Carroll, Lewis

Skilful Huntsman Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Slavery in Massachusetts Thoreau, Henry David

Sleep and Poetry Keats, John

Sleep and Sleeplessness Aristotle

Sleeper Poe, Edgar Allan

Sleeping Beauty Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Snow Man Andersen, Hans Christian

Snow Queen Andersen, Hans Christian

Snow-Image: A Childish Miracle Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Snow-Shower Bryant, William Cullen

Snow-White and Rose-Red Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Snowdrop Andersen, Hans Christian

So We'll Go No More A-Roving Byron, Lord

Soldier Brooke, Rupert

Sole Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Solitary Cyclist Doyle, Arthur Conan

Solitude Carroll, Lewis

Solon Plutarch

Some Words with a Mummy Poe, Edgar Allan

Son of the Wolf London, Jack

Song Poe, Edgar Allan

Song ("Dost thou idly ask to hear") Bryant, William Cullen

Song ("Soon as the glazed and gleaming snow") Bryant, William Cullen

Song ("These prairies glow with flowers") Bryant, William Cullen

Song (From Pippa Passes) Browning, Robert

Song (O blush not so!) Keats, John

Song About Myself Keats, John

Song for New-Year's Eve Bryant, William Cullen

Song For St. Cecilia's Day Dryden, John

Song of Marion's Men Bryant, William Cullen

Song of Pitcairn's Island Bryant, William Cullen

Song of Roland Anonymous Epic

Song of the Greek Amazon Bryant, William Cullen

Song of the Sower Bryant, William Cullen

Song of the Stars Bryant, William Cullen

Song of Wandering Aengus Yeats, William Butler

Song On May morning Milton, John

Song: Go and Catch a Falling Star Donne, John

Song: How Sweet I Roamed from Field to Field Blake, William

Sonnet - Silence Poe, Edgar Allan

Sonnet - To Science Poe, Edgar Allan

Sonnet - To Zante Poe, Edgar Allan

Sonnets Shakespeare, William

Sonnets I & VII-XIX Milton, John

Sons and Lovers Lawrence, D. H.

Sophist Plato

Sophistical Refutations Aristotle

Soul Aristotle

Soup from a Sausage Skewer Andersen, Hans Christian

Sparrow and His Four Children Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Speckled Band Doyle, Arthur Conan

Spectacles Poe, Edgar Allan

Spectre Bridegroom Irving, Washington

Speech in Behalf of King Deiotarus Cicero

Speech in Behalf of Marcus Claudius Marcellus Cicero

Speech in Defence of Aulus Licinius Archias Cicero

Speech in Defence of Caius Rabirius Postumus Cicero

Speech in Defence of Quintus Ligarius Cicero

Speech in Defence of the Proposed Manilian Law Cicero

Speech in Defence of Titus Annius Milo Cicero

Speeches Twain, Mark

Spenser! a jealous honourer of thine Keats, John

Sphinx (Poe) Poe, Edgar Allan

Sphinx (Wilde) Wilde, Oscar

Spider and the Flea Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Spindle the Shuttle and the Needle Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Spirit in the Bottle Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Spirits of the Dead Poe, Edgar Allan

Spiritual Experiences of a Puritan Shepard, Thomas

Spring in Town Bryant, William Cullen

Squire's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Squire's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

St. Joseph in the Forest Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Stage Coach Irving, Washington

Stanzas Poe, Edgar Allan

Stanzas (In drear-nighted December) Keats, John

Star Money Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Star of Bethlehem Bryant, William Cullen

Statesman Plato

Stock-Broker's Clerk Doyle, Arthur Conan

Stolen Pennies Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Stolen Waters Carroll, Lewis

Story from the Sand-hills Andersen, Hans Christian

Story of an Hour Chopin, Kate

Story of Her Captivity Sufferings and Restoration Rowlandson, Mary

Story of Margaret Rule Mather, Cotton

Story of Muhammad Din Kipling, Rudyard

Story of My Life Keller, Helen

Story of Schlauraffen Land Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Story of the Year Andersen, Hans Christian

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Stevenson, Robert Louis

Strange Lady Bryant, William Cullen

Stratford-on-Avon Irving, Washington

Straw the Coal and the Bean Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Stream of Life Bryant, William Cullen

Strong Hans Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Study in Scarlet Doyle, Arthur Conan

Study in Scarlet: Footnotes Doyle, Arthur Conan

Study of God Paine, Thomas

Summer Wharton, Edith

Summer Ramble Bryant, William Cullen

Summer Wind Bryant, William Cullen

Summoner's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Summoner's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Sun Tzu, The Art of War Historical Document

Sunday in London Irving, Washington

Sundry Reasons for the Removal from Leyden Bradford, William

Suppliants Aeschylus

Suppliants (Euripides) Euripides

Susan Lenox, Her Fall and Rise Phillips, David Graham

Sussex Vampire Doyle, Arthur Conan

Swan's Nest Andersen, Hans Christian

Sweet Afton Burns, Robert

Sweet and Low Sweet and Low Tennyson, Alfred Lord

Sweet Porridge Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Sweetheart Roland Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Swiss Family Robinson Wyss, Johann

Sylla Plutarch

Sylvie and Bruno Carroll, Lewis

Sylvie and Bruno Concluded Carroll, Lewis

Symposium Plato

System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether Poe, Edgar Allan

Table Talk Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Table the Ass and the Stick Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Tailor in Heaven Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Taking of Lungtungpen Kipling, Rudyard

Tale of Jerusalem Poe, Edgar Allan

Tale of Melibeus Chaucer, Geoffrey

Tale of the Ragged Mountains Poe, Edgar Allan

Tale of Two Cities Dickens, Charles

Tales from the Arabian Nights Burton, Sir Richard

Tales of Snakes Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Tamerlane Poe, Edgar Allan

Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare, William

Tangled Tale Carroll, Lewis

Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu

Tartuffe Moliere

Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar Burroughs, Edgar Rice

Tarzan of the Apes Burroughs, Edgar Rice

Tell-Tale Heart Poe, Edgar Allan

Tempest Shakespeare, William

Tendency of Varieties Wallace, Alfred Russel

Tendency of Varieties: Footnotes Wallace, Alfred Russel

Tess of the D'Urbervilles Hardy, Thomas

Thanatopsis Bryant, William Cullen

Thanatopsis (Early Version) Bryant, William Cullen

That Material Existence is Merely Ideal Edwards, Jonathan

That the Devil can Cite Scripture for His Purpose Edwards, Jonathan

That Which is Seen and That Which is Not Seen Bastiat, Frederic

The $30,000 Bequest and Other Stories Twain, Mark

The Ambassadors James, Henry

The American James, Henry

The Aspern Papers James, Henry

The Battle of Life Dickens, Charles

The Beasts of Tarzan Burroughs, Edgar Rice

The Beggar's Opera Gay, John

The Bell-Tower Melville, Herman

The Chimes Dickens, Charles

The Chronicles of Clovis Munro, H. H. (Saki)

The City of God Augustine, Saint

The City of the Sun Campanella, Tommaso

The Comical History of Rincon and Cortado Cervantes, Miguel de

The Cricket on the Hearth Dickens, Charles

The Damnation of Theoron Ware Frederic, Harold

The Discovery of Gold in California Colton, Walter

The Encantadas, or the Enchanted Islands Melville, Herman

The Europeans James, Henry

The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World Creasy, Edward Shepherd M.

The Forged Coupon and Other Stories (1911) Tolstoy, Leo

The Frogs of Windham Peters, Samuel

The Generous Lover Cervantes, Miguel de

The Gift of the Magi Henry, O.

The Girl of the Limberlost Porter, Gene Stratton

The Gods of Mars Burroughs, Edgar Rice

The Haunted Bookshop Morley, Christopher

The Haunted Hotel Collins, Wilkie

The Haunted Man Dickens, Charles

The Hero as Poet Carlyle, Thomas

The Innocence of Father Brown Chesterton, G. K.

The Invisible Man Wells, H G

The Jealous Extremaduran Cervantes, Miguel de

The Keepsake Stories Scott, Sir Walter

The Last of the Mohicans Cooper, James Fenimore

The Last of the Mohicans Cooper, James Fenimore

The Law Bastiat, Frederic

The Law: Footnotes Bastiat, Frederic

The Little Gypsy Cervantes, Miguel de

The Lost Continent Burroughs, Edgar Rice

The Marvelous Land of Oz Baum, L Frank

The Minor Poems Chaucer, Geoffrey

The Monstermen Burroughs, Edgar Rice

The Moon and Sixpence Maugham, W Somerset

The Phantom of the Opera Leroux, Gaston

The Piazza Melville, Herman

The Pioneers Cooper, James Fenimore

The Poison Belt Doyle, Arthur Conan

The Positive and Negative States of Electricity Franklin, Benjamin

The Prairie Cooper, James Fenimore

The Return of Tarzan Burroughs, Edgar Rice

The Revels at Merry Mount Morton, Thomas

The Ring and the Book Browning, Robert

The Secret Garden Burnett, Frances Hodgson

The Social Contract Rousseau, Jean Jacques

The Son of Tarzan Burroughs, Edgar Rice

The Song of the Cardinal Porter, Gene Stratton

The Song of the Lark Cather, Willa

The Specific Symptoms of Poetic Power Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

The Spell of the Yukon and Other Verses Service, Robert W.

The Stone Fleet Melville, Herman

The Subjection of Women Mill, John Stuart

The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson Twain, Mark

The Valiant Expedition of Captain Shrimp Morton, Thomas

The Voyage Out Woolf, Virginia

The Warlord of Mars Burroughs, Edgar Rice

The Well at the World's End Morris, William

Theaetetus Plato

Theme with Variations Carroll, Lewis

Themistocles Plutarch

Theory of Light and Heat Franklin, Benjamin

There is No Doubt About it Andersen, Hans Christian

Theseus Plutarch

Thesmophoriazusae Aristophanes

Third of November 1861 Bryant, William Cullen

Third Olynthiac Oration Demosthenes

Third Oration Against Catiline Cicero

Third Part of King Henry VI Shakespeare, William

Third Philippic Demosthenes

This Do in Remembrance of Me Bryant, William Cullen

This living hand now warm and capable Keats, John

Those Horrid Hurdy-Gurdies! Carroll, Lewis

Thou Art the Man Poe, Edgar Allan

Thou God Seest Me Bryant, William Cullen

Thou Hast Put All Things under His Feet Bryant, William Cullen

Thought the Magic Door Doyle, Arthur Conan

Thousand and Second Tale of Scheherazade Poe, Edgar Allan

Three And- An Extra Kipling, Rudyard

Three Apprentices Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Three Army Surgeons Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Three Black Princesses Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Three Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Three Children Carroll, Lewis

Three Children of Fortune Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Three Feathers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Three Gables Doyle, Arthur Conan

Three Garridebs Doyle, Arthur Conan

Three Green Twigs Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Three Languages Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Three Little Birds Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Three Little Maids Carroll, Lewis

Three Little Men in the Wood Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Three Musketeers Dumas, Alexandre

Three Musketeers Kipling, Rudyard

Three Sluggards Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Three Snake-Leaves Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Three Spinners Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Three Students Doyle, Arthur Conan

Three Sundays in a Week Poe, Edgar Allan

Three Sunsets Carroll, Lewis

Three Voices Carroll, Lewis

Through the Looking-Glass Carroll, Lewis

Thrown Away Kipling, Rudyard

Thus Spake Zarathustra Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhel

Thuvia, Maid of Mars Burroughs, Edgar Rice

Thy Word Is Truth Bryant, William Cullen

Tiberius and Gracchus and Agis and Cleomenes Compa Plutarch

Tiberius Gracchus Plutarch

Tides Bryant, William Cullen

Timaeus Plato

Time Machine Wells, H G

Timoleon Plutarch

Timoleon and Aemilius Paulus Compared Plutarch

Timon of Athens Shakespeare, William

Titus Andronicus Shakespeare, William

To a Cloud Bryant, William Cullen

To a Friend Whose Work has Come to Nothing Yeats, William Butler

To a Mosquito Bryant, William Cullen

To a Skylark Shelley, Percy Bysshe

To a Waterfowl Bryant, William Cullen

To Ailsa Rock Keats, John

To Althea from Prison Lovelace, Richard

To an Athlete Dying Young Housman, Alfred Edward

To Autumn Keats, John

To Be Filed for Reference Kipling, Rudyard

To Celia Jonson, Ben

To Charles Cowden Clarke Keats, John

To Cole the Painter Departing for Europe Bryant, William Cullen

To Death Bryant, William Cullen

To F__ Poe, Edgar Allan

To F__s S O__d Poe, Edgar Allan

To Helen (1831) Poe, Edgar Allan

To Helen (1848) Poe, Edgar Allan

To His Coy Mistress Marvell, Andrew

To His Mistress Going To Bed Donne, John

To Homer Keats, John

To J H Reynolds Esq Keats, John

To Kill a Mockingbird Lee, Harper

To Lucasta Going to the Wars Lovelace, Richard

To M. A. B. Carroll, Lewis

To M. L. S__ Poe, Edgar Allan

To Mr. Cyriack Skinner Upon His Blindness Milton, John

To Mrs Reynolds's Cat Keats, John

To my Child-Friend Carroll, Lewis

To My Dear And Loving Husband Bradstreet, Anne

To My Mother Poe, Edgar Allan

To M__ Poe, Edgar Allan

To One in Paradise Poe, Edgar Allan

To one who has been long in city pent Keats, John

To Sleep Keats, John

To Sr Henry Vane the younger Milton, John

To the Apennines Bryant, William Cullen

To the Fringed Gentian Bryant, William Cullen

To the Lord Generall Cromwell May 1652 Milton, John

To the Memory of My Beloved Jonson, Ben

To the River Arve Bryant, William Cullen

To the River __ Poe, Edgar Allan

To the Virgins To Make Much of Time Herrick, Robert

To three puzzled little Girls Carroll, Lewis

To __ (1830) Poe, Edgar Allan

To __ __ (1829) Poe, Edgar Allan

To- (Time's sea hath been five years at its slow e Keats, John

To- (What can I do to drive away) Keats, John

Tods' Amendment Kipling, Rudyard

Toleration Locke, John

Tom Jones Fielding, Henry

Tom Sawyer Twain, Mark

Tom Sawyer, Detective Twain, Mark

Tom Thumb Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Tom Thumb's Travels Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Tommy Kipling, Rudyard

Top and Ball Andersen, Hans Christian

Topics Aristotle

Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Aesop

Trachiniae Sophocles

Traits of Indian Characters Irving, Washington

Translated from Ronsard Keats, John

Travelling Companion Andersen, Hans Christian

Treasure Island Stevenson, Robert Louis

Treaty with France Historical Document

Treaty with Mexico Historical Document

Treaty with Russia Historical Document

Treaty with Spain (1819) Historical Document

Treaty with Spain (1898) Historical Document

Tree-Burial Bryant, William Cullen

Troilus and Cressida Shakespeare, William

Troilus and Criseyde Chaucer, Geoffrey

Trojan Women Euripides

True Bride Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Trust of a Godly Woman Winthrop, Margaret

Truth Shall Make You Free Bryant, William Cullen

Turn of the Screw James, Henry

Turnip Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Twelfth Night Shakespeare, William

Twelve Apostles Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Twelve Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Twelve Huntsmen Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Twelve Idle Servants Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Verne, Jules

Twenty Years After Dumas, Alexandre

Twenty-Seventh of March Bryant, William Cullen

Twin Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Two Acrostics Carroll, Lewis

Two Brothers Carroll, Lewis

Two Crabs Aesop

Two Fellows and the Bear Aesop

Two Gentlemen of Verona Shakespeare, William

Two Graves Bryant, William Cullen

Two Kings' Children Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Two Poems to Rachel Daniel Carroll, Lewis

Two Thieves Carroll, Lewis

Two Travelers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Two Travellers Bryant, William Cullen

Two Years Before the Mast Dana, Richard Henry

Two Years Before the Mast: Footnotes Dana, Richard Henry

Tyger Blake, William

Typee Melville, Herman

Ugly Duckling Andersen, Hans Christian

Ulalume Poe, Edgar Allan

Uncle Tom's Cabin Stowe, Harriet Beecher

Uncle Tom's Cabin: Footnotes Stowe, Harriet Beecher

Ungrateful Son Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Unknown Way Bryant, William Cullen

Up From Slavery Washington, Booker T

Upanishads Religious Document

Upon Julia's Clothes Herrick, Robert

Upon the Circumcision Milton, John

Upon the Mountain's Distant Head Bryant, William Cullen

Utilitarianism Mill, John Stuart

Vagabonds Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Vain Jackdaw Aesop

Valentine Carroll, Lewis

Valentine Poe, Edgar Allan

Valley of Fear Doyle, Arthur Conan

Valley of the Shadow of Death Carroll, Lewis

Valley of Unrest Poe, Edgar Allan

Vanity of Vanities Wigglesworth, Michael

Varieties of Religious Experience James, William

Veiled Lodger Doyle, Arthur Conan

Venus and Adonis Shakespeare, William

Venus Annodomini Kipling, Rudyard

Village Blacksmith Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth

Vindication of the Rights of Woman Wollstonecraft, Mary

Visit to Avoyelles Chopin, Kate

Vitae Summa Brevis Spem Nos Vetat Incohare Longam Dowson, Ernest

Vixen and the Lioness Aesop

Voice of Autumn Bryant, William Cullen

Von Kempelen and His Discovery Poe, Edgar Allan

Voyage Irving, Washington

Voyage of the Beagle Darwin, Charles

Walden Thoreau, Henry David

Walk at Sunset Bryant, William Cullen

Waning Moon Bryant, William Cullen

War and Peace Tolstoy, Leo

War and Peace: Footnotes Tolstoy, Leo

War is Kind and Other Lines Crane, Stephen

War of the Worlds Wells, H G

Warning to Endicott Williams, Roger

Washington Square James, Henry

Wasps Aristophanes

Watches of the Night Kipling, Rudyard

Water of Life Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Water Sprite Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Waverley Scott, Sir Walter

Way of All Flesh Butler, Samuel

Way of the World Congreve, William

Way to Wealth Franklin, Benjamin

Wealth of Nations Smith, Adam

Wedding Knell Hawthorne, Nathaniel

West Wind Bryant, William Cullen

Westminster Abbey Irving, Washington

Westward Ho! Kingsley, Charles

What is Man? and Other Essays Twain, Mark

Whatsoever He Sayeth Unto You Do It Bryant, William Cullen

When I have fears that I may cease to be Keats, John

When I Was One-and-Twenty Housman, Alfred Edward

When You are Old Yeats, William Butler

Whistle Franklin, Benjamin

White Bride and the Black Bride Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

White Fang London, Jack

White Snake Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

White-Footed Deer Bryant, William Cullen

Why did I laugh to-night? No voice will tell Keats, John

Why Saints in Glory Will Rejoice Edwards, Jonathan

Why the Little Frenchman Wears His Hand in a Sling Poe, Edgar Allan

Widow and Her Son Irving, Washington

Wife Irving, Washington

Wife of Bath's Prologue Chaucer, Geoffrey

Wife of Bath's Tale Chaucer, Geoffrey

Wilful Child Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

William Tell Bryant, William Cullen

William Wilson Poe, Edgar Allan

Willing Mistriss Behn, Aphra

Willow-Tree Carroll, Lewis

Willow-Wren Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Willow-Wren and the Bear Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Wind and Stream Bryant, William Cullen

Wind Flowers Wilde, Oscar

Wind in the Willows Grahame, Kenneth

Winds Bryant, William Cullen

Winter Piece Bryant, William Cullen

Winter's Tale Shakespeare, William

Wise Folks Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Wise Servant Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Wiser Than a God Chopin, Kate

Wiser Than a God: Footnotes Chopin, Kate

Wisteria Lodge Doyle, Arthur Conan

With Rue My Heart is Laden Housman, Alfred Edward

Wizard of Oz Baum, L Frank

Wolf and the Fox Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Wolf and the Man Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Wolf and the Seven Little Kids Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Woman in White Collins, Wilkie

Woman of No Importance Wilde, Oscar

Woman's Trifling Needs Warren, Mercy

Wonderful Glass Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Wonderful Musician Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Words of the Franklin Chaucer, Geoffrey

Words of the Host Chaucer, Geoffrey

Wordsworth Lowell, James Russell

World is Too Much With Us Wordsworth, William

Would-Be Gentleman Moliere

Wressley of the Foreign Office Kipling, Rudyard

Written in the Cottage Where Burns Was Born Keats, John

Written on the Day that Mr Leigh Hunt Left Prison Keats, John

Wuthering Heights Bronte, Emily

X-ing the Paragrab Poe, Edgar Allan

Ye Carpette Knyghte Carroll, Lewis

Yellow Face Doyle, Arthur Conan

Yellow Violet Bryant, William Cullen

Yoked with an Unbeliever Kipling, Rudyard

Young Giant Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm

Young Goodman Brown Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Youth and Old Age On Life and Death On Breathing Aristotle

Youth Who Could Not Shiver and Shake Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm