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elektralib.com an online library of books available for your reading pleasure study and research online. We will provide Books, Music and Video online or for purchase (in association with amazon.com©).

Coming Soon: We have 4000 books available for reading right here online or you may choose to print the book and read it or perhaps print off a chapter at a time. Classic Books by the some of the greatest Authors of all time.

We will provide Search Capability by Author, Title, and subject for Books, Music Search by Artist, CD title, or Song Title.Check out our Video Search by Movie Title.

You will be able to browse our extensive catalogue of Books, Music, and Video, Video is available in VHS, DVD, and DIVX.

We are still in the process of bringing all 4000 books, short stories, poems, music, and video online. Please enjoy a sample of what is to come. The Author is Edgar Allen Poe. The Feature is one of his short stories. A chilling, spine-tingling tale of horror The Tell-Tale Heart! For a description of the story click here 

The Tale-Tale Heart

Read it Online for Free!

Poe's Best known Poem The Raven is available for free. Click here to read it free For a brief description Click here

The Raven Read it here for Free

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