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Health Care HIPAA Compliance specialists for Privacy, Security, and TCI including X12 and NCPDP
Product No. Product Name Description Unit Price
0001000  HIPAA Awareness  HIPAA Awareness Seminar - Informational Seminar for Hospital, Dental, Physician, LTC, Physical Therapist Providers etc.. seeking HIPAA Compliance in Securing Patient Privacy Information and TCI = 1 Day  $2,000.00 
0001001  HIPAA NCPDP Awareness  HIPAA NCPDP Awareness Seminar - Information for Pharmacy Providers seeking HIPAA compliance. 1 Day  $2,000.00 
001002  HIPAA TCI Seminar  HIPAA TCI (Transactions, Code Sets, and Identifiers) - For all Health Care Payers, Providers, and Clearing Houses seeking HIPAA Compliance. 1 Day   $2,000.00 
001003  HIPAA Privacy Seminar  Privacy and Security Awareness Seminar - HIPAA Privacy and Security Training for all Health Care Providers, Payers, TPA, and Clearing Houses. 1 Day   $2,000.00 
001005  HIPAA Complete  HIPAA Training on all aspects including, Privacy, Security, TCI including NCPDP and X12 for all who fall under HIPAA. 5 days.  $10,000.00 
200020  HIPAA Assessment  Overall HIPAA Assessment of your needs for HIPAA Compliance including Presentation, HIPAA Awareness Training, Assessment of Privacy, Security, and TCI with Executive Summary and next step planning.   $100,000.00 
2000030  HIPAA Remediation  Next step Assessment including remediation training, Subject matter expertise, project planning, IV & V, and Compliance testing  $200,000.00 
2000040  HIPAA Extension Services  Planning, Preparing, and delivery of HIPAA Compliance Extension Filing. Let us file it for you!  $100,000.00 
2000050  HIPAA Mapping Services  This includes Mapping X12 and NCPDP Transactions for the 270, 271, 820, 834, 276,277, 278, NCPDP B1-B3, P1-P4, N1-N3, and C1 through C3. This is a per transaction price.   $30,000.00 
10  2000060  Mapping Service Complex  Includes the 275 Claims Attachment, 837 Professional, Dental, and Institutional, and the 835 Payment Advice. This is a per transaction price.   $50,000.00
11 99999999 Free Consultation Free Consultation to discuss your unique HIPAA needs. 


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